Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It's Writers Wednesday: Let's talk about submissions.
Your book is finished and polished to gem-like perfection. Now what? Yes, it's time to write that query letter.

Here are a couple of my earlier posts to help you get started:

Yesterday's post at Bookends, LLC - A Literary Agency discusses many of the reasons queries are rejected...a good thing to know if you want to avoid that experience as much as possible.

You can continue your research in the process with some great articles found at Jill Corcoran Books in her November 5th post. Jill is an Associate Agent at the Herman Agency, where she represents MG and YA books. She is also a published author so she understands the query from both perspectives and has provided links to several of her query and agent related posts from the past. Each of those posts contain additional links to suggestions and comments by editors and agents so you will find a wealth of material to explore.

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