Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It's Writer's Wednesday and today I'm answering a question from a first time author.

"I've just finished my first picture book and have a talented artist friend who would like to draw the pictures, but I've heard that many publishing houses prefer to use their own illustrators. Why?"
  1. Every publishing house has artists with whom they have already developed a working relationship and consequently the editor will be familiar with the artist's style and work habits.
  2. A book by a first time author can benefit from having a well-known, perhaps even award-winning illustrator attached to the project because the illustrator's reputation is another selling point with reviewers, book distributors and stores.
  3. The art for a picture book is a big investment in money and time (many months are devoted to the sketching and painting) and the publishing house needs to be assured that the final result will meet their standards.
  4. Ultimately, the editor is looking to select an illustrator that has just the right vision for the book.
As a first time author, this is all good news because the goal, after all, is to create the best possible book for publication.

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