Friday, June 21, 2019

Midwest Book Review -- Praise for GRACIE JANE

I was delighted to receive the following review for my latest picture book.

"Gracie Jane" is the first title of a cowgirl series that is full of action, humor, charm, and character. Written in exciting action prose with a hint of rhyme, and fully color illustrated, "Gracie Jane" tells the tale of a cowgirl who rescues a little lost pup from a flooded river and takes the orphan, named Fifi La Rue, home to the ranch. Now the question was, what could Fifi La Rue do that would be helpful and useful on the ranch? Kids will love the amazing tricks and troubles that just sprout around Fifi La Rue on the ranch. One scrape after another, Gracie Jane's refrain is, " Fifi La Rue, what did you do?" The overwhelming good humor of Gracie Jane is exemplary in view of the many escapades of Fifi la Rue. For a larger than life portrait of an honest Western cowgirl, read the series of adventures that begins with "Gracie Jane."

The Gingerbread Cowboy Book Trailer