Friday, November 13, 2009

It's Poetry Friday and the Roundup is being hosted this week by GottaBook.

Here is a rhyming picture book that is a popular read-aloud in library. The children enjoy being able to predict words. I share this book early to introduce children to the way illustrations and text work together.

text and illustrations by Linnea Riley

Hush, hush, a little mouse is sound asleep inside his house.

On the stairs, the sound of feet! Mouse is up. It's time to eat!

Thus begins the story of a hungry mouse who eats his way through crackers, jam, pickles and cheese leaving a messy surprise for the unsuspecting family. The vibrant illustrations were created using cut-paper collages.

Here are Friday's Famous Firsts:

1. Once there was a boy named Nicki who wanted his new mittens made from wool as white as snow.

2. In a warm and sultry forest far, far away, there once lived a mother fruit bat and her new baby.

Can you identify the title and author? Answers will be posted on Monday.

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