Monday, June 19, 2017

Nonfiction Monday

In this new installment in the Animal Planet Chapter Book series: BUGS!, James Buckley, Jr. leads young readers on an exploration of the world of bugs.

The opening page entitled BUG BITE offers a close up of a dragonfly with its various body parts neatly labeled as an introduction to Chapter 1: What makes an insect and insect?

The eleven chapters shift focus between general knowledge and the examination of specific types of insects. Insect Life Cycles, What’s for Dinner, Moving Around, and Insect Senses provide overviews of the topic with highlighted examples of termites, grasshoppers, water striders, katydids, and so on.

Additional chapters concentrate on some of the most familiar – butterflies and moths, interesting – ants and bees, abundant – beetles (350,000 known species), unusual – praying mantises and walking sticks, beautiful – dragonflies, and annoying – mosquitoes and flies.

FACT FILES, discuss where various insects live, lead readers through the process of metamorphosis, highlight the brief life of Mayflies, compare survival tools, detail insect locomotion, and explore possible reasons that moths are attracted to light.  Colored text boxes define terms, and offer extra details.

A fun look at the amazing diversity of insect life that will capture the imagination and encourage young scientists at home or in school.

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