Friday, June 9, 2017

Picture Book Friday

Squash Boom Beet by Lisa Maxbauer Price is a thoroughly delightful ABC book that offers a glimpse into the edible garden with a special focus on adventurous eating.

This clever alphabet book is written in a simple rhyming format that makes it a entertaining read-aloud as it leads readers on a march
from –
asparagus, “long and thin like warriors’ spears” and beets, “with juice like ink”
to –
Yukon Gold Potatoes that “glow so bright. Even their blossoms are a radiant sight.” And zucchini cupcakes, “you can eat for dessert.”

Along the way, children are introduce to an array of vegetables with unusual names and appearances – Dinosaur Kale, Dragon Tongue Beans, Easter Egg Radishes,  Lemon Cucumbers, Kohlrabi, Oyster Mushrooms, Rainbow Carrots, and Goosebump Pumpkins.

Vibrant color photographs highlight farm foods with portrait style close-ups. Small snapshots of additional alphabet items are tucked into the pages.

A final page titled Farm Field Notes encourages children to add photos, lists, or drawings of their fun food discoveries.

Squash Boom Beet in an innovative ABC book and that invites readers to explore the idea of gardening while providing an opportunity for conversations about healthy eating. And most important of all, the book is fun!

A lovely addition to home and school libraries.

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