Monday, June 5, 2017

Nonfiction Monday

Explore Atoms and Molecules! With 25 Great Projects by Janet Slingerland with illustrations by Matt Aucoin enables readers ages 7 - 10  to take a first look at the building blocks of matter.

The book opens with a timeline that traces the history of the atom from the ancient Greeks of 500 BCE to the addition of four new elements added to the periodic table in 2016.  An introduction explains the relation between atoms, molecules and matter. Six chapters follow covering atomic arrangement, elements, electrons, how atoms bond to create materials, compounds vs. mixtures, states of matter, and chemical reactions.

Each chapter is thoughtfully organized and concludes with a collection of hands-on projects. Reader-friendly pull-outs: Words to Know, Investigate, Consider and Discuss, and Did You Know are paired with colorful cartoon-style illustrations and visually appealing diagrams.

Consider this book for home and school library collections.

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