Friday, June 16, 2017

Picture Book Friday

Lola Gets A Cat, by Anna McQuinn with illustrations by Rosalind Beardshaw, is a new addition to the delightful Lola series. 

Lola has been content with cat pictures and stuffed animals, but now she wants a real live cat to love. But, of course, there are obstacles to overcome. In this case, its Mommy who reminds Lola that a real cat is much more responsibility than the stuffed variety. Knowing Lola, she is up for the challenge. She begins by reading up on cat care, then she puts what she’s learned into use by charting the steps and practicing on one of her stuffed animals. Sure enough, her diligence wins over her mom. And best of all, when it’s time to get that pet, Lola adopts her cat from a shelter.

McQuinn’s and Beardshaw’s experience with their own cats are clearly in evidence. The simple language and straight forward writing style makes the story accessible and readers will enjoy following Lola’s progress – from learning how to persuade mom to successfully introducing the new cat into the family. The colorful illustrations and uncluttered pages are a lovely counterpoint to the appealing story.

Youngsters will enjoy the story and discover plenty of helpful tips for their own journey to bringing a cat into their family. I applaud the subtle message about the value of acquiring a new pet through adoption at a shelter.

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