Friday, June 2, 2017

Picture Book Friday

It’s never too soon to start your child’s library.

Here are two new board books – Baby Animals Take A Bath and Baby Animals Take A Nap, both by Marsha Diane Arnold – to add to the bookshelf.

Each ten-page book is filled with charming pictures by Phyllis Tildes.  The illustrations feature an assortment of animals in various settings paired with descriptive two word captions set in large type.

The “bath” book highlights a polar bear rolling in the snow, a hippo wallowing in the mud, a bird having a splash in a puddle, a zebra enjoying a dust bath and others, 
culminating in a baby in a bubble bath.

The “nap” book includes an imaginative mix of penguins, dolphins, bats, koalas, sloths, monkeys, foxes, and otters, ending with a human infant snuggling on daddy’s lap.

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