Friday, July 7, 2017

Picture Book Friday

It’s Just So… by Brenda Faatz and Peter Trimarco takes readers on a light-hearted journey through that most dreaded of scenarios – the first day at a new school.

For our young heroine, Lizzy, everything seems just so overwhelming.  The bus is just so TALL. The school is just so BIG. The books are just so WORDY. But as Lizzy warms to the challenge, she discovers that addition and subtraction are MATHEMAGICAL, art is COLORIFIC, and her geography lesson on Australia is just so WOMBATTY!  In fact, her day has turned out to be “just so fantastical, explorational, colorifical, animalogical – EPIC!”

Lizzy is a charming role model who is willing to take the initiative and her heroism is rooted in her bravery and determination in facing her fears. Her hopeful story is both entertaining and inspiring for any child facing a new challenge whether it is changing schools or encountering other life changes.

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