Friday, July 14, 2017

Fiction Friday

The Museum of Mysteries by David Glover employs numbers in some of their many uses: decimals, even and odd, factors, fractions, multiples, prime numbers, Roman numerals, and percentages as clues to this mystery adventure. 

Only you can stop the burglars who are determined to steal the Golden Hoard, the greatest of all ancient treasures. Your understanding of numbers in their various forms and uses will determine your success in deciphering the clues, collecting the mysterious objects, and solving the final puzzle. Solve each puzzle correctly, and the reader moves forward through the story.  Make a mistake, and the reader will find an explanation of what probably went wrong before being sent back to try again.

This is one in the Math Quest series of books designed to encourage and develop math skills in an entertaining format. Colorful illustrations paired with a lively text draws the reader into the story. A glossary of Calculation Words explains terms and demonstrates methods to provide support for readers on a variety of topics from addition to percentages.
Not every reader will become a math whiz, but they will discover that math can be fun even when it's also a challenge which is a great confidence booster for reluctant mathematicians.

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