Friday, November 17, 2023

Picture Book Friday

WONDER WALKERSA Caldicott Honor book by Micha Archer is a thoughtful invitation to explore the marvels of nature.

A young girl and boy set out on a “wonder walk” that is filled with questions. Is the sun the world’s light bulb? Do mountains have bones? Are trees the sky’s legs? Their trek takes them from meadow to mountain, river to sea shore.

The short sentences carry a single focus reminiscent of a child’s inquisitive voice. This minimalist language invites readers to focus on the fascinating details of the illustrations composed of a medley of intricately patterned papers in rich colors. The visual complexity and movement is an excellent contrast with the brief text.

Archer has captured the essence of a childhood that is filled with one “why?” after another. This charming book could easily inspire young audiences to ask a host of their own questions—or better yet, pursue their own nature explorations.

Additionally, the illustrations could provide a model for readers to create their own collages of varied materials.

For ages 3-7

Recommended for home and school libraries.

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