Monday, November 20, 2023

Nonfiction Monday


From Author/Illustrator Rob HodgsonWhen Moon Became the Moon


Moon shares the story of her origin and her many aspects in a lively conversational narrative. The light-hearted text succeeds in imparting an abundance of scientific detail in language that is easily accessible to youthful audiences.

 The content is organized into brief chapters featuring colorful, cartoon-style illustrations that offer visual emphasis for the narrative points. The entire book employs an entertaining and whimsical tone that is evident even in the chapter headings where Hodgson inserts a chapter 5 ½ into the list. Chapters 1-5 ½ take a chronological look at Sun, Earth, Baby Moon, Orbit, Craters, and Moon Today. Chapters 6-11 explore a variety of lunar features titled: Light, Moon Phases, Moon Helps Earth, Solar Eclipse, Visitors, and The Future.

 For ages 3-5.

 Recommended for aspiring young astronomers at home and in classrooms.

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