Monday, November 27, 2023

Nonfiction Monday

Thank a Farmer by author Maria Gianferrari with illustrations by Monica Mikai is a celebration of the many ways farmers provide for our communities. Wheat, milk, vegetables, fruits, and wool are obvious choices for attention, but that's only the beginning!


Gianferrari takes the content to a new level by providing clear details about many of the varied elements essential to the process of growing and harvesting nature’s bounty. The narrative is informative for children and adults. Double-page spreads illustrate how tree shakers collect cherries, delves into peanut picking, shows both the mechanized cultivation of rice, and the hand harvesting of wild rice. Readers can explore mushroom culture and the tapping of maple trees for syrup.

In addition, the author illuminates new farming methods such as rooftop gardens and hydro-aero-aquaponics being employed in cities, schools, and backyards.

Mikai’s vividly colored and detailed illustrations are rich in detail to perfectly compliment the text.

For readers 4-8.

Highly recommended for home and school libraries. 

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