Friday, March 8, 2019

Picture Book Friday

STAY, BENSON by Thereza Rowe is a light-hearted romp as readers follow a dog named Benson on a day of adventure.

When Flick leaves for school, she tells Benson to “stay and watch the house. No chasing.” But Benson escapes out the back door and the chase is on. Pursuit of a cat in the garden leads to a squirrel in a tree, a ball on the playground, and ultimately to snatching a snack from a picnic in the park…and all just in time to slip back into the house one step ahead of Flick, who remains unaware of Benson’s behavior. 

Young readers will enjoy knowing they are part of the secret trick that Benson plays on Flick.  The book further enhances reader fun with bold images, strong primary colors, and cleverly designed cut-outs that pull readers from one page to the next as they follow Benson’s escapade.

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