Monday, February 25, 2019

Nonfiction Monday

Lakes and Ponds!With 25 Science Projects for Kids by Johannah Haney with illustrations by Tom Casteel invites readers from 7-10 to discover the fascinating plants animals that are dependent on lakes and ponds for survival.

The introduction explains, in reader-friendly language, how the many types of lakes such as crater lakes, tectonic lakes, and extraterrestrial lakes are formed and provides examples of each. In addition, it details how good science practices will facilitate completing the ongoing science projects that appear throughout the book at the conclusion of each chapter.
The well-organized and engaging chapters that follow encourage youthful scientists to explore multiple topics:
Why Lakes And Ponds Are Important discusses the water cycle and the value of water for drinking, food, and as an energy source.
Humans, Lakes, and Ponds identifies how transportation, exploration, and industry such as aquaculture are water-dependent.
Animals in Lakes and Ponds explores a variety of creatures from the brine shrimp of the Great Salt Lake of Utah to the amphibians, reptiles, mammals, and birds that call aquatic habitats home.
Plants in Lakes and Ponds looks at the vast number of species that exist in salt water or fresh water.
Changing Lakes and Ponds offers readers a chance to see the many ways that seasonal changes alter aquatic environments in the short term and also looks at the broader influence of climate change.
Practicing Conservation pulls details from the previous chapters together to explain how to preserve and protect these valuable resources.
Cartoon-style illustrations are augmented here and there with photographs to create visual interest. Text boxes set out challenges labeled INVESTIGATE or CONSIDER AND DISCUSS. WORDS TO KNOW defines important vocabulary. DID YOU KNOW? highlights special facts. Each chapter concludes with a series of hands-on STEM projects to enable students to reinforce learning, enhance understanding, and develop critical thinking skills.
Recommended as useful STEM resource for home, school, and library collections.

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