Monday, February 4, 2019

Nonfiction Monday

Oceans and Seas! With 25 Science Projects for Kids by Anita Yasuda with illustrations by Tom Casteel invites readers from 7-10 to explore the amazing world beneath the sea.

Six well-organized chapters introduce young oceanographers to the basic concepts of oceans and seas from ancient mythologies to the modern challenges of conservation in an aquatic frontier that is still largely unexplored. Multiple topics are examined: Extraordinary Exploration - Creatures of the Deep - Ocean Plants – and Oceans, Wind, and Climate to encourage students to think like scientists. Investigate hydrothermal vents 8,000 feet below the surface and the remarkable creatures that live in the shadow of undersea volcanoes. Discover the special adaptations of hatchet fish and vampire squids. Delve into the unique properties of kelp that makes that plant an important ocean resource.
Cartoon-style illustrations, augmented here and there with photographs, create visual interest. Text boxes set out challenges labeled INVESTIGATE or CONSIDER AND DISCUSS. WORDS TO KNOW defines important vocabulary. DID YOU KNOW? highlights special facts. Each chapter concludes with a series of hands-on STEM projects to enable students to reinforce learning, enhance understanding, and develop critical thinking skills.
Recommended as a useful STEM resource for home, school, and library collections.

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