Monday, January 28, 2019

Nonfiction Monday

A Day in a Forested Wetland by Kevin Kurtz with illustrations by Sherry Neidigh takes readers on a twenty-four-hour journey through a riparian forest rich with wildlife.

Green darners rise with the sun to hunt flies while snapping turtles wait to ambush prey. Sunset brings forth bats, frogs, flying squirrels, and a bobcat family. The cadence of the rhyming text is appealing and readily accessible for readers.  The narrative is packed with fascinating information about the diverse inhabitants of this ecosystem – from Caddisflies armoring themselves with rocks to barred owls hunting crayfish.

The illustrations enrich the text and are drawn in the natural palette of the environment with colorful patches of color to highlight special moments.

As with other books by Arbordale, this story contains a Creative Minds section that includes factual information to provide points of discussion for parents and lesson options for teachers. Keystone Species: Beaver discusses the important ways in which the beaver supports the forested wetland habitat. Beaver Sam Forested Wetland Sequencing offers a step-by-step look at the way in which this environment changes over time. Wetlands compares the four types of wetlands: Forested Wetland, Marsh, Bog, and Fen. Find the Animal challenges readers to correctly match names and descriptions with the animals pictured in an image of the forested wetland.

Recommended for home and school libraries. Great addition to STEM studies.

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