Monday, March 18, 2019

Nonfiction Monday

Dear Komodo Dragon by Nancy Kelly Allen with illustrations by Laurie Allen Klein takes a unique approach to introducing young readers to the life of the Komodo Dragon by shaping the text as letters exchanged between pen pals.  

A young girl, who aspires to be a dragon hunter, sets out to learn all she can about her Komodo Dragon correspondent. In the process, a wealth of facts are revealed about the largest lizard on the planet. These remarkable carnivores are endangered and, by the end of the book, the young scribe has decided to become an advocate for the Komodo instead of a hunter.

The end of the book contains a CREATIVE MINDS section that provides additional information. Dragons by the Numbers highlights facts such as: Komodo dragons can go 1 month without eating and can live 30 years. Conservation discusses the efforts of scientists, in Indonesia and zoos around the world, to protect these rare creatures. Physical and Behavioral Adaptations defines both terms and provides examples of each. It also challenges readers to identify which traits are physical and which are behavioral.

Recommended as a fun and informative read to include in STEM home and school libraries.

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