Friday, May 18, 2012

Poetry Friday

Poetry Friday is hosted this week by Katya Czaja's Write. Sketch. Repeat.

My selection is "Eureka!: poems about inventors" written by Joyce Sidman with illustrations by K. Bennett Chavez.

Sidman chronicles  inventors from the moment when an imagined woman first shaped a bowl of clay to Tim Berners-Lee of the World Wide Web.  Written in first person from the inventor's point of view, the sixteen poems take a casual, conversational tone as each inventor shares their thoughts with readers.  Sidman divides her work into four sections that touch upon inventions from the life-altering to the whimsical.

  • The Tapistry of the Past: which includes Gutenberg and da Vinci
  •  The Age of Invention: From French balloonists of the 1700s to the first chocolate bar 
  •  A Light Interlude: Inventors whose names are synonymous with their work
  • Dawn of the Modern Age: The invention of the bra and the Frisbee to Noble Prize-winning scientist Barbara McClintock.
Chavez's portraits are thoughtful counterpoints to the verses.

Biographical notes round out the book.


Mary Lee said...

So sad to learn that this book is out of print! WAH!

Janet S. said...

The book is still available through Follett Library Resources and on Amazon.

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