Friday, May 18, 2012

On A Personal Note

Just received an email from HarperCollins.

Scholastic Education has requested to license the audio rights to The Gingerbread Cowboy.

The audio components will be used as part of an educational program titled: Comprehension Clubs.  Comprehension Clubs is a Grade K-5 supplemental reading comprehension program designed to allow students of varying reading abilities to meet and form “Book Clubs” to discuss the books they are reading in the classroom. Each grade level will contain six units of the Read Aloud books (1 copy per title) and four bookclub books (8-10 copies per title). To increase the program’s success rate, teachers will also have access to streaming audio recordings. The audio books will be available only via a program specific Web portal that is accessible with in-classroom passwords and will not be available individually. The audios are non-downloadable.

Nice to know The Gingerbread Cowboy is still finding new avenues to explore.

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