Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It's Writer's Wednesday...What's your story about?

Can you answer that question in 25 words or less? 50 words or less? Three Sentences? Can you give me a sense of your main character(s), the major plot points and a satisfying resolution? Can you convey the voice? Make me care?

That's the goal when you send a query letter or pitch your work to an editor or agent. Are you prepared? As writers we often bemoan the lack of opportunities...certain our cherished work would be eagerly snapped up if we just had the chance to present our carefully-crafted story. But when that crucial moment arrives...we choke or don't know when to stop.

There are a couple of posts well worth reading this week on the query/pitch process. The first, written by Jaycee Kaycee and titled "Way to Nail the Conference Pitch," appeared today as a guest post at Adventures in Children's Publishing. The end of the post has a link to another post at Alignment: Left for more information about Jaycee's preparation and pitching tips.

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