Monday, May 17, 2010

Here is the answer to Friday's Famous First: "I sashay my bow across the violin strings the way a mosquito skims a summer pond," is from the Coretta Scott King Award Honor Book, The Bat Boy and His Violin, written by Gavin Curtis and illustrated by E.B. Lewis.

Baseball Fan, Parent, Lover of Picture Books...If you haven't read this book, please do.

Writing a book that has historical underpinnings is often tricky. Incorporating enough factual reality to provide the reader with a true sense of time and place without sounding like a history lecture or losing the story in detail is a delicate balancing act. Add to that, the themes of being true to oneself and recognizing the individuality in your children and you have the potential to become preachy.

Gavin Curtis' writing is more than equal to the challenge and he shares the sensitive relationship between team-manager Dad and Bat boy child without taking a single false step. This book works on every level...providing a glimpse into life in the Negro Leagues told through a father and son perspective that is a delight to read.

The beautiful water color paintings by award-winning illustrator, E.B. Lewis add depth to each aspect of the story.


Do you have a book to sell Part 4 will appear next Monday.

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