Friday, March 11, 2022

Picture Book Friday

 Me and Ms. Too written by Laura Ruby and illustrated by Dung Ho

Young Molly can’t recall a time when family wasn’t just her and her father.  They were always together – to splash in the pool, bake treats, play at the park.

Suddenly, that all changes when he marries Molly’s favorite librarian. Ms. Blue was great at reading stories and helping find just the right book. But she doesn’t like to get wet. She’s no good at making muffins. She can’t even cut the kiwis correctly. Everything has changed!

Laura Ruby has created a thoughtful, empathetic story that is reassuring and hopeful as it reminds us that families can come in many forms. Both Molly and young readers discover that difficult as change sometimes is, it can also create wonderful opportunities.

The colorful, richly detailed illustrations pair beautifully with the text. 

For Ages 4-8.

Recommended for home and school libraries.

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