Friday, March 4, 2022

Picture Book Friday


There's a Dodo on the Wedding Cake – by Wade Bradford with illustrations by Kevin Hawkes

 Bradford’s gift for imaginative story telling takes readers back to the Sharemore Hotel where a wedding party becomes the victim of Mr. Snore’s well-intentioned bumbling.

Mr. Snore is hired to play his violin at a wedding, but arrives early – just in time to chase away the dodo he finds nibbling the wedding cake roses. Hilarious chaos ensues as Mr. Snore races from room to room with the cake as he’s pursued by a whacky collection of creatures – bats, boa constrictor, beavers – even a T Rex. In the end, as improbable as it seems, Mr. Snore appears to have saved the day…until Bradford surprises readers with an unexpected twist.

Hawkes piles on the laughs with his vivid drawings and bold colors. Clearly, this was a perfect combination of author and illustrator talents.

Definitely too much fun not to share.  An enjoyable read aloud or read alone for ages 4-8.

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