Friday, April 19, 2019

Picture Book Friday

Just Read! by Lori Degman with illustrations by Victoria Tentler-Krylov is a charming celebration of the joy to be found in reading and an enthusiastic reminder of the amazing ways in which readers are able to explore a world outside their own.

“I read things that scare me or cause me to grin.
I read about places where I’ve never been.”

An energetic rhyming text enumerates the many times, places, and ways in which  diverse characters find opportunities to read.

“I read with my fingers across bumpy lines.
I read with my voice or my hands, using signs.”

Vibrant colors and an abundance of detail make the watercolor illustrations “pop” and invite readers to look closer as words conjure images for each young book-lover. I girl holds a book on code-breaking in one hand while she uses her other fingers to draw Morse code on a steamy window. A boy with a guitar searches through sheet music and song books.

Recommended as a fun addition to home and school libraries.

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