Monday, April 15, 2019

Nonfiction Monday

Baby Bear’s Adoption by Jennifer Keats Curtis with illustrations by Veronica V. Jones is a narrative nonfiction story based on the work of scientists at the Michigan Department of Natural Resources who save orphaned cubs.

Braden and Finley join their father, a wildlife biologist, as he locates a bear den and attaches a radio collar to the mother bear during her winter hibernation. Later, when an orphan is found, the reader follows the steps employed to locate and then persuade the bear to accept and raise an orphan with her own cubs.

The text provides excellent detail about the rescue process from beginning to end through young Braden’s point of view. The language is straight forward and the conversational tone is appealing. The youthful narrator’s voice invites readers to immerse themselves in the shared experience.

Like other Arbordale titles, there is a special four-part section at the end of the book titled FOR CREATIVE MINDS. Black Bear Life Cycle challenges readers to place six statements in their correct chronological order to discover a missing word. Stages of Bear Hibernation guides readers through the process and discusses ongoing studies of bear hibernation.  Q & A with Bear Biologist Mark Boersen offers additional detailed information about orphan rescue. Furry Fun Facts compares and contrasts the three types of North American Bears: Black Bear, Grizzly Bear, and Polar Bear.

The richly-detailed illustrations provide a lovely visual context and perfectly compliment the story.

Recommended for STEM for nature studies, biology, and wildlife content.
Ideal for home and school libraries.

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