Friday, May 26, 2017

Picture Book Friday

The Seashore Book by Charlotte Zolotow with illustrations by Wendell Minor has been redesigned for its 25th Anniversary and the results are splendid in this celebration of a children’s classic.

This gentle story begins with a young boy’s question. “What is the seashore like?” In response, his mother suggests they pretend to leave their mountain home and make a visit. Beginning in the early morning, as the misty sky grades from gray to pale purple to hazy blue, we follow mother and son as they build sand castles, delight in finding a white gull’s feather, sleep to the rising and falling song of waves, watch sand crabs squaggling at their toes, and finally make their way home as a glowing orange sun dips into the sea.

Zolotow creates a beautiful word picture that leads the child, and in turn the reader, through an extraordinary experience that delights the senses with lyrical language – “cold water makes your skin feel like peppermint.”; “The swish-swashing sound of [waves]”; “the lighthouse is flashing golden gleam on, golden gleam gone.”

Minor’s richly colored artwork is spare and precise, drawing attention to the heart of the text.

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