Monday, May 22, 2017

Nonfiction Monday

What is the fascination with sharks?

Curious readers will find plenty of answers in Animal Planet’s chapter book SHARKS! which takes a look at sharks, from the petite 8-inch Dwarf Lanternshark to the enormous 45-foot Whale Shark.

The author, Lori Stein, dives into the subject beginning with a look at shared shark characteristics and basic differences. Included in the eleven chapters are a wide range of topics: senses, feeding habits, hunting strategies, and social interactions as well as in-depth looks at Great Whites and Hammerheads, discussions of shark bites, and the importance of sharks to the ocean ecosystem.

An abundance of photographs enrich the text and provide visual interest. Inserts titled IN YOUR NEWS FEED supply thumbnail discussions ranging from the study of cancer in Dogfish sharks, to the ongoing tracking of a Great White Shark named Mary Lee. Double-page FACT FILES, highlight extraordinary details such as the cave off the coast of Mexico where sharks can sleep, the epic 12,400-mile migration of a Great White Shark named Nicole, and the spectacular breaching of sharks as they hunt seals off the coast of South Africa. Colored text boxes define terms, and offer extra details.

A fun resource for home or school.

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