Friday, October 28, 2011

Poetry Friday

Poetry Friday Roundup is hosted today by Random Noodling

My selection is "Holiday Stew: A Kids Portion of Holiday and Seasonal Poems" by Jenny Whitehead.

Here is  light-hearted poetry to keep you going all through the year.  The collection is divided into seasons, beginning with the spring and acknowledges not only the generally expected holidays, but touches on some others as well: daylight savings, grandparents' day, and teacher appreciation day to name a few.  There are plenty of poems related to the seasons as well and they vary from simple two-line verses to more substantial work, but all of them share a sense of fun. 

The whimsical gouache and ink drawings reflect the child-like point of view that informs the poet's voice throughout.


Diane Mayr said...

If the cover illustration is any indication, it looks like a fun book. Thanks for introducing us to it.

GatheringBooks said...

Nice! Like Diane noted, I also like the book cover. Will be on the lookout for this one as well. Thanks for sharing.

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