Friday, October 21, 2011

Poetry Friday

Poetry Friday Roundup is hosted today by Jama Rattigan's Alphabet Soup.

My selection is "Hallowilloween : nefarious silliness" from Calef Brown.

Brown is once again at his best with nonsense and fun as he explores the season of scary delight with  Poltergeysers, Oompachupa Loompacabra and Vumpires. 

In "Lone Star Witches" the witches of Texas/are practicing hexes/in comical conical ten-gallon hats...

You get the idea.  If you're a Calef Brown fan then you know what to expect and won't be disappointed.  If you aren't a fan yet; it's time to get acquainted.


maria horvath said...

I know nothing about Oompachupa Loompacabras. I guess it's time I learned.

Thank you for the introduction.

jama said...

I love Calef Brown! His is the perfect Halloween book. :)

Joyce Ray said...

I have read other Calef Brown books, but hadn't heard of Hallowilloween. Brown is an word play artist. Thanks for the post.

GatheringBooks said...

This is the first I heard of Calef Brown - I am so delighted that you have shared this book with us, since we're going to have a poetry-inspired theme very soon. I shall definitely be on the lookout for his works here in our libraries. Will include that in my to-borrow list. Hehe.

Heidi Mordhorst said...

Thanks for the reminder...I'm about to order a pile of new books and this'll be among them!

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