Saturday, March 30, 2024

Picture Book Friday

Woo Hoo! You’re Doing Great! is today’s feature. New York Times bestselling author, Sandra Boynton, has created a wonderfully inspiring book for audiences of all ages in this new offering narrated by one of her signature chickens.


Are you feeling down? Is your self-confidence a bit shaky?  Maybe you’re struggling to master a new skill?  

Whatever the problem—chicken is here to cheer you on!!

So, bake that cake! Take that chance! And—if you make a mistake—don’t despair.  Remember, every experience is a new opportunity to learn.

Boynton’s flair for rhyming is front and center as she highlights the value of encouragement for others and for ourselves in this upbeat and humorous narrative. The buoyant text is beautifully balanced with bold illustrations featuring many of Boynton’s beloved animal characters. 

This lighthearted book would be a wonderful gift for a friend or family member embarking on a new experience—whether it’s trying a new hobby or confronting a challenge that feels overwhelming. Then again, maybe you’re simply looking for a fun read to share with that special child in your life!

Recommended for home and school libraries.

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