Friday, June 17, 2022

Picture Book Friday


Lettuce Get In Trouble by Linda Kao with illustrations by Mariana Rio is the first in a series of children’s picture books that explore the life of Sara Little through her impact on the concept of design.

In this instance, the story focuses on her influence on the eating habits of children in New York City when the Ministry of Food asks for help in encouraging youngsters to eat more vegetables. Her imaginative solution is to bring children together to experiment and discover the miraculous wonders of vegetables when she declares, “The children will cook, and we shall allow them to play with their food!”

Some important themes weave throughout – the importance of asking “why,” problem solving through smart design, and using those designs to create beauty and fun – all of which are great for childhood growth.

The narrative is an entertaining mix of narrative and dialogue highlighted by Rio’s imaginative illustrations that combine clean lines and strong colors.

An author’s note at the conclusion of the story offers a thoughtful biography of Sara Little Turnball (1917-2015) that includes several vintage photos of this talented woman.

For Ages 4-9

Recommended for home and school libraries.

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