Friday, December 17, 2021



December has been an exciting month for my favorite cookie!  

Two weeks ago, he was the star of an elementary school Zoom presentation that I provided for a local elementary school. The third-grade teachers reached out to say they were working on a project about finding the magic in stories. They hoped I could speak to their scholars about the tools I use and how I find ideas to help enable their students to create their own stories. Of course, I agreed and was honored by their request. I was delighted to receive this follow-up message:

 Hi Janet, 

 “I can not thank you enough for the experience you gave all of our kiddos this morning. What a special and impactful time for our 3rd graders. Thank you for sharing your expertise and insight with all of us. 

They spoke of you later that day when we dove into their writing! 

 Thank you so much for all you did and bringing the magic of stories into our classrooms! “ – Grace

 This week, he inspired a class in another school district to create stick puppets to act out the tale!

 I absolutely love all the imaginative ways teachers utilize my stories in their classrooms!

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