Monday, November 16, 2020

Nonfiction Monday


AND THAT’S THE TOOTH by Terri Fields is an informative and entertaining look at one of the many characteristics that differentiate animals – their teeth!

A full-page color photograph of each animal is obscured by a set of clues to guide the reader in identifying a dozen animals. Mammals, reptiles, and fish such as sharks, giraffes, snakes, dolphins, and even the toothless humpback whale appear as a page turn provides the big reveal and another interesting fact. A good bit of the fun is in the photographs which succeed in capturing each animal in a toothy shot of their pearly whites.

The final discussion focuses on humans with a diagram naming each type of tooth and noting that 97 of 100 people will experience tooth decay. Although cavity prevention is not discussed, this book would offer a fun introduction to the topic of tooth care.

The book identifies an audience of ages 4-7. Younger readers will find the strong visuals appealing and enjoy trying to identify each animal through the clues. Experienced readers will discover more information in the final section titled For Creative Minds where a “All About Your Teeth” highlights human dentition.  “The Right Type of Teeth” challenges readers to determine which animals are herbivores, carnivores, or omnivores based on their teeth.

The publisher, Arbordale, offers more fun facts and downloadable educational activities at

A fun introductory STEM resource for home, school, and library.

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