Monday, June 8, 2020

Nonfiction Monday

The Long and Short Tale of Colo and Ruff by Diane Lang with illustrations by Laurie Allen Klein uses a fictional story as means of providing readers with basic information about a variety of animals in a compare and contrast format.

Colo, a young cougar, relies on her long tail for balance and can jump great distances. Her friend Ruff, a bobcat cub, has a short tail and can’t keep up and worries that there is something wrong. Together the friends set out to see if there is a better tail for Ruff. In the process they discover a lizard, Redtail hawk, skunk, and gopher and those encounters lead Ruff to an important realization.

Following the story text is a Creative Minds section with multiple activities to reinforce understanding of the content.
Cat Comparisons charts comparative facts about cougars, bobcats, and housecats.
Cat Maps illustrates and describes the habitat and range of North America’s bobcats, ocelots, cougars and lynxes.
Tail Adaptations discusses the physical adaptations that influence balance, turning speed and steering, and defense.
Match the Tail challenges readers to pair pictures of tails with their animals.

The book identifies an audience of ages 5-9. Young readers will enjoy the strong visual impact of the images and benefit from reading with an adult or older sibling.
The text was fact-checked by Animal Program Specialist from the Columbus Zoo. Most double-page spreads contain brief paw-print highlighted call-outs with additional information.

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