Friday, May 24, 2019

Picture Book Friday

Koala Is Not A Bear by Kristin L. Gray with illustrations by Rachel McAlister explores the nature of family as Koala tries to find her place in a camp full of animals. 

Grizzly is happy to welcome Koala to the bear cabin, but Kangaroo insists Koala is not a bear. As the story unfolds, Koala and Kangaroo take turns offering evidence to support their opposing viewpoints. Koala can climb trees agrees Grizzly, but so can lemurs, Kangaroo is quick to point out. New clues are disclosed with each turn of a page. Does Koala hibernate? No! Does he have a pouch like Kangaroo? Yes!

The humorous text encourages critical thinking in young readers as they assess the clues and gradually narrow down the options until the answer is revealed. Cartoon-style illustrations enhance the reader-friendly narrative.

Recommended for home and school libraries.

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