Monday, August 7, 2017

Nonfiction Monday

Oceans in 30 Seconds by Dr. Jen Green with illustrations by Wesley Robins offers a great deal more than the title suggests and will keep young readers engrossed as they explore the rich variety of subjects covered in 30 topics. 

Six sections: Blue Planet, Stunning Seascapes, Ocean Life, Ocean Perils, Exploring the Oceans, and Using the Oceans provide readers with clear organization and each begins with a Glossary of words pertinent to the content. Each of the five topics per section offers brief, well-written and fact-filled discussions paired with a 3-second summary, and an activity. As an example: Blue Planet addresses Oceans and Seas, Wind and Waves, Tides, Swirling Currents, and Air and Oceans. Each subject is paired with a colorful map or vibrant illustration.

Recommended as a delightful introduction to Oceans and a handy resource for home or school.

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