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Writers Wednesday

Young children are noted for their many questions. In Mama, How Does the Wind Start to Blow?, Jeanne Styczinski has framed her answer in the form of a delightful counting book. Beginning with the number one and a rising moon, Mama responds to ten questions that culminate in a surprising and heartfelt answer for her youthful readers.  The colorful illustrations are charming in their simplicity and provide a perfect complement to the text which begs to be read aloud. This one's a keeper! Pair with her follow-up book, Papa, Why Does the Sun Shine?

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

Looking back I think I have always been a writer. For the past thirty plus years I have kept a folder of stories and story ideas. What I didn’t realize at the time is that someday I would pursue publishing them. In 2011 I started my journey to publish my first book, Mama, How Does The Wind Start To Blow? and in 2013 my book was born. YAY!

How does your writing influence other areas of your life and vice versa?
I don’t think I can separate the two. It’s all mixed up! Thinking about writing and illustrating is just happening all the time. For example, when I’m at the grocery store I might be in the fruit and vegetable aisle and think of a gardening story or when I’m picking blueberries on my farm it might give me an idea for the book about colors I want to create. It sounds a little crazy but it’s who I am.

What do you do when you are not writing?
When I’m not writing and illustrating I love spending time with my husband and four crazy, lovable kids. I love being outdoors and doing such things as kayaking, hiking, and gardening. Another love of mine is searching for treasures at antique flea markets.

Briefly, what's your book about? 
Have you ever wondered how the wind starts to blow? In my whimsical counting story you will smile at the different creative guesses a child comes up with, but in the end
she learns her mother is just as creative.

What led you to write “Mama, How Does The Wind Start To Blow?”
Our youngest had just left for college. To be honest, it marked for me such a passage of time and a longing for my children’s younger days. Writing this story helped me remember all the things that were near and dear to them when they were small. They loved to play outside all summer long. I would be working in my gardens and they would go out and explore our woods. My children loved to chase butterflies and frogs. At night under the stars, they would watch the fireflies dance against the dark sky. Many nights we would hear the call of the great horned owl. So, these were the things I included in my story.

What would you like readers to take from it? 
To love books! I would like young readers to learn and experience the joy of reading and just having fun interacting with books. In my book they can also practice counting and recognizing numerals. As for parents, I want them to know that they can have fun creating their own stories when their little ones come up with worldly questions like my title.

What are your current/future projects?
I’m currently working on marketing my first two books, Mama, How The Wind Start To Blow? and Papa, Why Does The Sun Shine? In the spring of 2016 I retired from teaching and that has freed me up to go to schools and talk with students about writing and illustrating, which I have really enjoyed. I’m also working on my third book about friendship and diversity between and owl and a firefly. Its title, Who Will Be My Friend? To be released in 2017.

What led you to the decision to publish your own books?
Good question! When I was finalizing on my first story, Mama, How Does The Wind Start To Blow? I decided not only to write the story but to illustrate it. I was so excited!  I learned during this process that I love, love, love illustrating! Then later while doing more research I discovered most publishers don’t let you illustrate your own work. That’s when I decided to move forward and create JeanneKay Publishing and publish it myself.

What challenges did you face in getting your first book published? 
Since I’m new to the publishing world I felt like I wanted to learn the most I could about this industry. I spent a year researching publishing companies, authors, illustrators, dummy pages, ISBN #, copyright, etc…  I joined the professional group SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators). Like any new adventure I had a huge learning curve, but I was up to the challenge. In many ways I thought that would be the challenging part of all of this, but it wasn’t. My biggest challenge was to put myself out there and believe in my work. I hesitated because I don’t have an art or journalism background, but in life sometimes you have to take a leap of faith and go for it! I am so happy I did.

Are there certain themes or ideas you prefer?
Life! I like to keep things simple. I really enjoy writing about animals and the outdoors. My books are what I consider a list book. Something happens at the beginning of the story (a problem) and then the character goes through a list of things and then at the end there is a surprise solution.

I also like having an educational piece to my books (it must be the teacher in me). Both of my number books have a counting chart at the end for children to practice counting 1-10 and in my new book, Who Will Be My Friend? I have two pages set aside at the end of the book so children can learn facts about the different woodland birds they read about in my story.

What book(s)/author(s) have influenced your writing and how?
There are soooo many, but Lois Ehlert is the one who has influenced me the most as an author and illustrator. I meet Lois years ago at a national reading conference. I’ve meet many authors and illustrators in my teaching career but when she spoke about her work, it sang to me. I absolutely love the colors in her books and the way the shapes are put together on a page and so do children. Other authors and illustrators are: Eric Carle, Clive McFarland, Leo Lionni, Holly Berry, Todd Parr, Mo Willems, Jan Brett. The list could go on and on…

What are the most important elements of good writing and/or illustrating?
I have spent many years teaching young children to write. During the writing process I teach them that you can only write about what you know, how you feel and what you have experienced in life. I feel this is so true, even for adults. All of my stories come from my life experiences of things I have done and hold dear in my heart. I think the most important elements in writing is that you are passionate about what you are writing. If you are passionate that will come through in your writing. As for illustrations, I think color, color, color is sooo important. Young children love color. I also feel it is very important that your illustrations should tell the story, especially for young readers that are looking for clues in the illustrations to help them read.

Talk about revising and/or suggestions about revising for upcoming writers.
I love revising! I love looking at a story from different perspectives and from every angle once it is written. I call it “playing with the story”. I’m looking for the best fit for the story and what makes sense. When I think I’m done I let it sit on the shelf for a while (could be a week or two or sometimes more) and then go back to it. I don’t rush a story, I let the story evolve. When my story is resting on the shelf that doesn’t mean I have totally forgotten about it. I’m experiencing life and looking for other connections or details that I missed or could be added. Don’t be afraid to take a break from your writing, sometimes I think clearer about a story when I’m away from it.

What's one additional piece of advice about writing or publishing you'd like to pass on to readers and writers? 
Don’t wait! If you have the passion to write or illustrate just start! If you are enjoying what you do it will show!

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I have read *BOTH* of Jeanne Styczinski`s Books, and they are GREAT. I am 70 years old and love holding a ~ REAL BOOK ~ Stories and illustrations are AWESOME ! Thank you. `` Keep on ~ keeping on ``

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