Monday, May 23, 2016

Nonfiction Monday

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For Nonfiction Monday: "Baseball Then to WOW!" by Mark Bechtel.


Did you know that there was a time when batters could request the height at which they wanted a pitch to be thrown? Or that pitchers had the option of throwing overhand or underhand?

Bechtel's new title from Sports Illustrated Kids offers an entertaining and educational exploration of baseball's evolution from the early 1800s to present day. Four well-defined chapters keep the material organized. Colorful illustrations, timelines, and action photographs provide eye-catching compliments to the text and make this 80 page book a treasure of information.

The Basics -  Traces the rules, teams, uniforms, gloves, catcher's masks, and stadiums from 1845 to 2014 thought cleverly illustrated timelines and photographs.

The Players -  counts down the decades with statistic-rich notes on names familiar to fans from Babe Ruth and Ted Williams to Miguel Cabrera.  Hitters, basemen, outfielders, pitchers, and catchers are highlighted along with players such as Billy Hamilton (famous for stealing bases), pioneers in the game like Jackie Robinson and familiar characters from Dizzy Dean to Mike Scioscia.

Playball - takes readers though managers, pitching staff, strategies, umpires, and leagues.

Fan-tastic - explores the relationship between baseball and fans with topics such as baseball cards, amateur play from stickball on city streets to the Little League World Series, game day promotions, and of course...ball park foods.

Fingerless gloves, catchers working without face masks, and livestock giveaways at games are just a few of the surprises you'll discover in this comprehensive look at America's pastime.            

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