Friday, March 18, 2016

Poetry Friday

Poetry Friday is hosted today by Robyn Hood Black

My selection is "The Arrow Finds Its Mark: a book of found poems" edited by Georgia Heard and illustrated by Antoine Guilloppe.     


Heard has collected the works of many of the best known names in children's poetry for this collection of "Found" poems. An introduction explains this form of poetry is created using words and/or phrases that are found in ads, signs, lists, letters, or other random sources such as tweets. The found material is then shaped into a poem.


J. Patrick Lewis delights sports fans with "Nicknames in the NBA" from a basketball encyclopedia.  Joyce Sidman, Marilyn Singer, Bob Raczka, Jane Yolen, Laura Purdie Salas, and Lee Bennett Hopkins are just a few of the talented contributors who share their work. Each poem is accompanied by a note describing where the source material was found.

This entertaining book offers inspiration to young writers as it invites them to find poetry in unlikely places. 


Robyn Hood Black said...

Thanks for featuring this wonderful book, Janet - I was over the moon to have two poems included. Students find found poetry to be fun and accessible, I've discovered. :0)

Mary Lee said...

Based on what Robyn said, I'll have to try found poetry with my students!!

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