Monday, July 28, 2014

Nonfiction Monday

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For Nonfiction Monday  --  "Before Columbus: the Americas of 1491" by Charles C. Mann.


Mann has adapted  his successful adult book, 1491, for younger audiences and produced a work that will be a valuable addition to the study of New World civilizations in North, Central and South America. Mann pulls together the work of expert researchers in anthropology, archeology and geology to create a picture of life thousands of years before Columbus. Beginning with the prehistoric societies of Peru, where the first pyramids were built, Mann utilizes advances in current research to guide readers through the intricate native societies that shaped the cultures of America. He goes on to examine the mechanisms that allowed Old World conquerors to succeed.

Maps, sidebars, illustrations (photographs,  old world engravings and works by Diego Rivera), bibliography, glossary and websites enrich the work and offer abundant opportunities to delve more deeply into this fascinating subject.

For sixth grade and up.

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