Friday, November 1, 2013

Poetry Friday

Poetry Friday is hosted today by Teacher Dance.

My selection is Guess again!: riddle poems by Lillian Morrison with illustrations by Christy Hale
There are have been many requests from students this week for riddle books which reminded me how much children enjoy word-play.  Here is a collection of 20+ rhyming riddles to challenge young readers to solve the puzzles.  Each poem describes an object and the accompanying illustration offers a visual clue to the answer.  Children who need some extra help can turn the page and see a more prominent clue and the answer. 


Linda B said...

I wrote riddle poems with an early primary class last year and they loved doing them, plus I shared quite a few as mentor texts for them. I would have loved this book, will look for it! Thank you!

Tabatha said...

Looks good, Janet. I will look for it, too.

Mary Lee said...

Kids LOVE JPL's riddle poems. Thanks for a new source!

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