Friday, May 31, 2013

Poetry Friday

Poetry Friday is hosted today by Teaching YoungWriters.

For Poetry Friday -- "Change-up: baseball poems" written by Gene Fehler with illustrations by Donald Wu.

Fehler takes baseball fans through a year of the sport beginning with a winter's  game with snowballs. The poems, in the voice of a young player, share the joys and frustrations of winning and losing and highlight baseball experiences: practice, broken windows, a "catch" with Gramps who played in the minors and more.  Verses in a variety of forms encompass the baseball experience.

 Gramps's Tough Pitches
1. Knuckleball
It floats.
It dips like a pirate ship
riding on waves that toss it

Bat in hand,
I wait and wait
and here it comes,
pulled by strings
this way
and  that-- 

where's it at? 

Wu fills in the blanks with smiling children actively engaged in their favorite sport.

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