Thursday, April 4, 2013

Writers Wednesday

I don't agree with every word, but there is definitely some very solid, thought-provoking material to consider.
For example, I was struck by a small paragraph (only four sentences) near the center of the article that stated:
Consume writing voraciously, and you will absorb writing skills by osmosis. You will come to appreciate an unexpected word or turn of phrase. You'll intuitively develop awareness of what makes a story arc engaging or a character tantalizing. Above all, you'll cultivate your capacity to dream and imagine."
I'm not sure that writing skills are acquired by osmosis, but I sincerely agree that being a voracious reader will help you develop an ear for prose and an appreciation for the many ways in which words and sentences are strung together to achieve a variety of voices and tones that can make prose lyrical, powerful, sinister or beautiful. Likewise, while you may very well be intuitively drawn to tantalizing characters and those engaging moments in a story arc, it may take some deliberate study to actually identify why the story arc works or the character is so enticing. 
As with any advice -- pull out the suggestions that ring true for you and your particular writing situation and don't worry if there are bits that don't seem to apply.  You never know -- a week, a month or a year from now you may find yourself revisiting those suggestions you passed on because your journey as a writer has led you to a new place where those bits you left behind have suddenly become relevant.

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