Friday, December 14, 2012

Poetry Friday

Poetry Friday is hosted today by Jama's Alphabet Soup.


For Poetry Friday --  "The world's greatest poems" written by J. Patrick Lewis and illustrated by Keith Graves.


This is not what you think -- there's no pedantic analysis, best of the 20th (or any other) century's verses or top ten poets anthology here. 

Lewis has done the delightfully unexpected by offering readers twenty-five poems inspired by The Guinness Book of World Records.  What could be a better antidote for the verse-phobic reader than works based on the wonderfully whacky, strange or amazing records for which Guinness is famous.  The Kookiest Hat leads off a collection that includes The Most Cobras Kissed Consecutively, and concludes with The Highest Air On A Skateboard.  Lewis thoughtfully includes the details from the Guinness account along with the verses. 

Is "Rush Hour" a problem for your commute?  Consider this --






Thus begins Lewis' poem "The Longest Traffic Jam" (FYI 1093 miles long, Lyon toward Paris, France, February 16, 1980).

Graves' artwork takes a playful cue from Lewis' words while also reflecting a sense of the Guinness details behind the verse. 

With a record book in hand, students might even be persuaded to write their own poetry. 

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jama said...

This is such a fun collection -- leave it to Pat to continually surprise, delight, and delve into the unexpected. I've always found these world's record facts to be so fascinating.

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