Friday, November 30, 2012

Poetry Friday

Poetry Friday is hosted today by ThePoem Farm.

My selection is "Big talk: poems for four voices" by Paul Fleischman with illustrations by Beppe Giacobbe.

Fleischman builds on the success of Joyful Noise: Poems for Two Voices (a Newbery Medal winner) with a collection of poems that will challenge, inspire and delight  both readers and audience. Meticulous attention to detail in "The Quiet Evenings Here" offers readers a contrast between the apparent quiet of an evening at home with the subtle energy beneath  "Clock tick-tockin' / Sister hummin' / Grandpa strummin' / Raindrops rappin' / Toes a-tappin' / Roof-leak droppin',"  and so on.   "Seventh-Grade Soap Opera" raises the energy index as voices ring with lively gossip that ends in a well-crafted chaos.  Quiet thoughtfulness and longing imbue Ghost's Grace with a gentle melancholy as spirits remember the joys of dining with family.
Giacobbe highlights the action and balances the text with well-drawn humor  mirroring the poems with tints ranging from quiet sepias to lively colors.


Susan Taylor Brown said...

oh I am glad to hear of this book to add to my collection. It's been hard for me to find poems for two voices to share in the classroom.

Thank you.

Amy LV said...

These books are such fun! I want to have four copies of it instead of just the one I have! Happy Poetry Saturday! a.

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