Friday, June 1, 2012

Poetry Friday

Poetry Friday Roundup is hosted today by Carol's Corner.

My selection is "Guyku: a year of haiku for boys" written by Bob Raczka with illustrations by Peter H. Reynolds.

Raczka's "Guykus" are great fun.  He retains the classic five/seven/five syllable form and introduces a modern, boy-friendly collection of topics all related to outdoor play and/or nature.  Raczka delves into his childhood memories or takes inspiration from his sons for these brief glimpses into the joy of being a boy.  The book is divided into the four seasons with six poems for each section.  Kite flying, bug collecting, fishing - are just a few of the typical activities, but each is appealing.

Here are two of my favorites:

In a rushing stream,
we turn rocks into a dam.
Hours flow by us.

I free grasshopper
from his tight ten-fingered cage -
he tickles too much!

Reynold's artwork is relaxed and fun -- a perfect fit for the text.

This book would be a wonderful way to introduce haikus in the classroom because they draw their subject matter from simple, real-life experiences that children will recognize as familiar.

P.S. Girls will enjoy these Guykus too.


Ruth said...

I keep seeing references to this book. It looks so fun!

Jim Hill said...

Guyku is a new favorite of mine, and it really would be a great introduction to the form for classes.

I liked them so much I wrote a few Guyku of my own for last week's poetry Friday.

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