Friday, October 29, 2010

Poetry Friday

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The last Friday in October is Frankenstein Friday.

There is plenty of spooky fun in this collection of poems about monsters facing their fears and dealing with everyday situations that become weirdly complicated. The Invisible Man gets a haircut, the Phantom of the Opera has the song, "It's a Small World," stuck in his head, The Creature from the Black Lagoon forgets to wait an hour before swimming. Wolfman, Bigfoot, Dracula...they're all here and demanding to be read aloud.

Rex followed this 2006 success with more monster inspired fun in the 2008 Frankenstein Takes the Cake, detailing Frankenstein's wacky Wedding. The monster cast includes Dracula, the Sphinx, The Headless Horseman and even an alien encounter to produce plenty of laugh-out-loud moments.


Toby Speed said...

Janet, this looks like a fun book of poems featuring all our old, familiar monsters. Thanks so much for sharing. And have a wonderful Hallowe'en weekend!

Tabatha said...

Frankenstein Friday -- very catchy!

I have one of Adam Rex's books, but I see that I need to get more!

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