Friday, September 17, 2010

Poetry Friday

September 19th is Talk Like a Pirate Day so what could be more perfect for Poetry Friday...

Pirates: Poems written by David L. Harrison and illustrated by Dan Burr in rich detail with just the right sense of foreboding for his subject.

"Shiver me timbers,"Harrison's twenty poems in a variety of styles are rich with all the favorite pirate jargon as he sets sail on a voyage to show that a pirate's life wasn't all swashbuckling fun. Floggings and a life ended by the hangman's noose were real possibilities. Written at a sixth-grade level, this is a book designed for older audiences who are interested in pirates and will appreciate the language. The poetry would also be a good choice as a teacher read-aloud introduction to the subject or time period. Harrison completes his book with factual notes.

Friday's Famous First: Can you identity the title and author of this first line? "Laura was washing the dishes one morning when Old Jack, lying in the sunshine on the doorstep, growled to tell her someone was coming."

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